Chocolate, Crème Fraîche, Cherry Calimocho
Chocolate Ganache, Crème Fraîche Helado, Fried Churro Bites, and Sweet Cherry Coca-Cola Sauce
Olive Oil Ice Cream with Peaches in Sweet Wine
Moscatel Macerated Peaches, Olive Oil Helado, Blood Orange Vanilla Sauce, Sesame Seed Cracker
Blueberries and Celery
Chilled Blueberry Gazpacho, Lemon Macerated Blueberries, Celery Sorbet, Celery Flowers
Crema Catalana con Buñuelos
Burnt vanilla Custard with Deep Fried Bay Leaves
Pudín de Pan
Orange Infused Bread Pudding with Caramel Helado and Rhubarb Mermelada
Manchego con Membrillo
3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Manchego with Quince Jelly
Café con Leche $5
Café Cortado $5
Café Solo $4
Tea $4

Menus and wine lists are representative only and certain items may change based on availability.