NY Eater - April 20, 2011
The Michelin Guide, New York City - 2010
"If you were wondering through this lovely pocket of Gramercy Park—just steps from bustling Union Square—you couldn't miss CASA MONO. With big, glossy doors that swing out into pretty, tree-lined Irving Place when the weather's right, the pleasant thump of music and irresistible smell of meat done a la plancha, Andy Nusser's corner of Barcelona's delights would be a hit even if the guy wasn't a culinary genius."
Eater, The 38 Essential New York Restaurants - January 2010
The lone Spanish baby of Molto Mario's empire, CASA MONO has been an Irving Place destination since it opened in '04. Chef Andy Nusser has crafted a menu of... substantial tapas and medium-sized entrées, done mostly "a la plancha" with unmistakably Catalan flavors; get the duck egg with mojama. NB: If you have trouble securing a table, and chances are you will, little sister BAR JAMÓN is right next door."
The New York Times, Diner's Journal - August 4, 2009
"Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali are known primarily for their Italian restaurants, but it's this Spanish one, [CASA MONO] a renegade in the B&B collection, that is in many ways my favorite, the one I most frequently find myself itching to go to."
— Frank Bruni
Food & Beverage - July 2008
"CASA MONO is a Spanish wine-lover's dream..."
— Alessandra Rotondi
Food & Wine - May 2007
"Since CASA MONO opened in 2003, New Yorkers have been fighting over the 10-odd tables..."

New York Sun, 'Liver Onions — and a Silky Sherry' - March 21, 2007
"A wine lover's questions: What's more satisfying than discovering a great, yet unjustly obscure wine?  Answer: Marrying that wine to a dish meant to be its synergistic soul mate.  Just such a perfect pairing raised my pleasure quotient one evening last week at CASA MONO, the little dynamo of a Spanish restaurant on Irving Place."
— Peter Hellman
Newsweek, 'Spain—The Next Italy' - March 13, 2006
"CASA MONO [is] Mario Batali's electrifyingly original Spanish restaurant in Manhattan..."
— Jerry Adler
New York Magazine, '101 Best Restaurants' - January 2006
"[CASA MONO] is the place the town's discerning trenchermen are all fighting to get into.  Chef Andy Nusser...has a fondness for robust, elemental flavors which he shuffles together in deliciously ingenious ways."
— Adam Platt
The New Yorker, 'Tables for Two'
"But even the most jaded thrill-seeker will be impressed by the cockscombs at CASA MONO."
— Leo Carey
Daily News
"If you can, nab a seat at the dining bar [at CASA MONO], which puts you so close to the open grill you might just lean over to flip those cuttlefish yourself."
— Pascale Le Draoulec
The New Yorker, 'Tables for Two'
"...CASA MONO's engagingly chaotic offshoot around the corner, BAR JAMÓN..." 
— Leo Carey
El Taburete
"...after just one sip and one bite, the place becomes positively irresistible: the comprehensive wine list that brilliantly showcases the best Spanish bottlings, the clientele of committed foodies who think nothing or ordering coxcomb, the lusty small plates-centered menu that runs to things like supremely crisp bacalao croquettas with orange alioli; deliciously messy cockles with scrambled eggs; robust cazuelitas of chickpeas, chorizo, and tripe; and the best sweetbreads you'll ever taste in New York...the place is a loving tribute to the produce-driven kitchen counters of Barcelona, giving even that city's most popular haunts a run for their olives." 
— Anya von Bremzen
Gourmet - April 2004
"BAR JAMÓN, the annex to Batali's wonderful new CASA MONO, is a minuscule treasure in its own right — a great place to enjoy a fine cuarto of Rioja, a slice of tortilla catalana, a plate draped with silky sheets of jamón serrano."

New York Times, 'Tapas for Really Close Friends' - January 28, 2004
"'If they build it, you will come.' That sums up Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali's partnership so far. In CASA MONO, a tapas bar-restaurant with a New York sensibility, they have another hit on their hands."
— Marian Burros
New York Magazine - December 8, 2003
"Pig has always played a starring role in Mario Batali's food, from guanciale-laced pasta to lardo pizza.  It's no different at BAR JAMÓN, Spanish for "ham bar" and Batali's foray into the world of flavors that's captivated a generation of chefs."